MergeTrak (merge subfolder content to parent folder)

Stealthware Software proudly releases MergeTrak, a Windows application designed for use as a Directory Opus add-on to safely merge files contained within nested subfolders into the parent folder.

MergeTrak, unlike the handful of command line utilities/Powershell scripts that are floating on the Internet to merge (or ‘collapse’) subfolder content into the parent folder, has internal ‘safety’ features to protect users from making a folder merge operation that they will later regret:

a. Configuration option to display a Yes/No popup window to confirm that MergeTrak should move forward with the file merge process

b. Configuration option to display a Yes/No popup window if the total number of files contained within the parent folder and all of its nested subfolders exceeds a user-defined number. Odds are if that number exceeds more than a couple hundred files that the user has selected the wrong folder to merge (e.g. a root-level folder)

c. Each file in the parent folder and subfolder(s) are renamed with a standardized prefix of a six-digit number (starting at 000001) and an underscore character that is added to each file to ensure every filename is unique before being moved to the parent folder

The MergeTrak user's manual contains detailed instructions on how to configure Directory Opus to use MergeTrak within it's vertical button bar.

MergeTrak is released as "donorware" - no features are disabled and no nag screens are embedded.

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Do Opus users really need this? The merging functionality is a one liner in Opus and with scripting any level of security measures can be implemented.

Stealthware Software is proud to present an upgrade to MergeTrak! The newest version can now move megabytes of data in a seconds as compared to its predecessor - the difference is astounding! The new build is posted on the Stealthware Software web site (