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Message from Google Chrome about conflict with Directory Opus


I started Windows today and got a message in Chrome that DPSoftware Directory Opus "may" cause a conflict or problems with Chrome and urged me to Remove Directory Opus from my computer. I am reluctant to do this, and before doing anything I wanted to determine if you at GPSoftware know anything about this conflict with Google Chrome in Windows 10. I have the latest stable version of Directory Opus (12.9) installed and have never had any problem with this. What do you recommend. As you might guess, this is URGENT for me. Waiting for instructions.



Do not understand your reply and it does not seem responsive to my problem with Google Chrome. Do you have other reports of this problem?


It's a false positive from Chrome, which says the same thing about tens or possibly even hundreds of different pieces of software which are not causing problems.

Full details are in the thread Jon linked to above.

Please complain to Google if the message from Chrome is causing you problems or if you want their explanation for it. From our point of view (and other developers'), the message Chrome displays is completely bogus and should be ignored.