Meta data date change not sticking (cloud storage)

I am mass changing Creation and Modified dates using Ctrl+A to select and then Ctrl+B to invoke the panel. There are 28 files for which for whatever reason I can't get this done. I enter the date change in the panel and the file list immediately displays the change. And then one by one for each file the Creation date switches to Today and the Modified date goes back to whatever it was pre change. Any ideas?

Can you change the dates via any other method?

What kind of drive are the files on? Some NAS may not actually support changing file dates, for example. Or file permissions may block it (although I'd expect an error message if it was that).

Not NAS but the folders are in cloud storage. That may be the culprit. After posting I moved the files to a non cloud location and then the changes stuck. Moved them back to the cloud folder and they stayed stuck. Weird thing though, overall I modified about 7000 files and all but 250 worked fine.

I will strike it off to the cloud provider sync somehow rejecting the date changes for a not clear reason why. No pattern I see. The files were in different batches of changes.

Not worth pursuing, I will use small controlled batches going forward. Sweet mysteries of life.

Cloud storage can do some strange things, and may not sync changes to timestamps (or only if the contents also change). I expect you'll see the same behavior whether you use Opus or something else to change the timestamps.

No doubt it is Cloud sync related, Mega in this case. My experience is that Mega syncs Modified date but does not sync Created date. Which is a bit weird when new files get synced to a backup device. They appear with a created date of today and a modified date of the original, in the past. Easy to fix with DOpus though, if one wants to.

I have filed a ticket with Mega as to why most synced 250 of 7000 didn't. Thanks for the response.