Meta data to file attributes

Hello, I'm hoping this is a function I haven't found in the docs or forum. I'm familiar with renaming based on metadata, but I'm hoping to change the Date Created attribute with the {releasedate} metadata info. Is there simple method for doing this over directories of files?


The Properties > Attributes command can copy some metadata timestamps to the main Created and Modified filesystem timestamps:

2022-04-08 21-25-00 Clipboard Image

But it's limited to the ones shown here, at least currently:

If we're talking about music files, {releasedate} is often only a year (sometimes a month and day as well, but rarely a time). To copy that over the created timestamp, you'd need to use a script (and have it choose arbitrary dates and times for any missing detail).

Thanks, Leo. I read the documentation and tried what you showed below. I'm talking about video files that all have the filled-in "Release date and time. Unfortunately, none of the options match the metadata field I want to pull from.

I can't believe someone hasn't created a tool that can do this, so I'll look around for a bit before I start trying to expand my scripting chops. lol Thanks!

FYI, exiftool to the rescue.

exiftool '-FileModifyDate<CreateDate' '-FileCreateDate<CreateDate' /path/to/files/