Meta Title to Filename

I have a lot of music on disk that has the filename truncated. Each file's META data is in tact and contains the full title of each track.

Is it possible to extract the Title from the META data and rename each track to the META data Title?

I know this can be done the other way round (i.e filename to META data Title) using the following command (which a really nice user pointed out to me :smiley: ) @sync:dopusrt /acmd SetAttr {filepath} META title:{file|noext} lastmodifieddate:now

I was hoping that there might have been a GetAttr which would allow getting file META data but there doesn't seem to be.

I'd like to be able to use any script/command line in the Rename dialogbox.

Various simple rename presets #11: Sort Music by Tags is close to what you want, probably just needing the parent folder parts removing.

That does it with slight modification. Saved me a whole lot of typing. Cheers Leo!!