Metadata attached to file but not visible in "Details" view

I am organizing a folder of video files using the extended properties section of the metadata pane. I am using the tags, rating and comment fields. I can successfully attach the metadata to all my files. The information I filled out in tags and rating is appearing for all file types in details view. Information I filled out in the comments field is attaching to all files, but it only displays in the details view if the file is an avi. It doesn't display in details view for my mkv and mp4 files.

I would like to see information from the comments field for all file types without clicking on the file and manually viewing the metadata. Is this possible?

I read this page and this page and didn't find a clear solution. I have checked "Use 'descript.ion' file comments system instead of NTFS comments" checked in the "Folder Behavior section of preferences.

Try the User Description field instead of the Comments field.

If that doesn't work, could you attach a screenshot showing the file display and metapanel for one of the files in question? (You can attach screenshots to the forum using the full post editor, although not when using the Quick Reply form.)

I don't see a description field. Should that be located in the Metadata Pane or am I looking in the wrong place? The editable fields I see here include "Comments", "Rating" and "Tags".

I mean in the file display. There's a column/field called User Description.