Metadata not loading (Dropbox Sync)

I have a folder that contains all of my music files (all .mp3, all meticulously tagged). In the past, DOpus would slowly work through all of the files and populate all of the metadata columns I have displayed.

Since my recent reinstallation, though, I have noticed that it doesn't appear to be loading the metadata at all.

When I copy a small group (say ~30) of the files into another folder, the metadata is successfully loaded.

Is there some limit that has been imposed?

I have attached two screenshots (one showing the full folder with no metadata loaded, the second with the first 20 files copied to another folder)

Figured it out!

So if you notice, the first screenshot has a bunch of little gray x's in the icon on the left of each line item. That is something that is generated by Dropbox. I use their "Smart Sync" service. The way it works is that it only locally loads stuff that you either specifically request or that you have used recently.

I made my music folder "local", but for whatever reason, Dropbox didn't respond to that request. After toggling it back and forth between "local" and "online only" a few times, Dropbox responded and downloaded the full folder.

Once all of the files were locally stored, DOpus did a fine job of loading the metadata per usual.

So anyways, if you see little gray X's on your icons and you have Dropbox, it means that the files are not locally stored - EVEN if the status column indicates that they are.