Metadata on single line when grouped

Is there a pre-written script that allows me to split metadata to individual lines like explorer instead of all together?


What kind of metadata?

What is the screenshot showing? (Some kind of grouped view, but I can't see if it's a file display or some other thing.)

Sorry, the screenshot is just the example. I'm trying to find a way for, say tag metadata, to be on individual lines instead of one for a picture with multiple tags.

Like A. Line one, B, line two and C line 3, not A;B;C together.

Not in the file display columns or metadata editor. A script could show the data like that in its own custom dialog.

Can I use your Kind and File Type script and mod it, because I can't find a good tutorial on how to make scripts for Opus.

Feel free, although that one doesn't have a UI.

The manual has a whole section with scripting examples.