MetaData Properties

Hi all,
In the MetaData pane, is it possible to customise properties that are displayed?

I'm an application developer and would like to be able to see DLL version numbers.
It would be nice to have a metadata group that contained all the available columns that can be displayed in the file list pane. Including size, type, date, file version package version and so on.

While I have your attention. Thanks for the application I use it daily, hope you guys keep it going. :thumbsup:


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You can't currently change what the metadata pane shows; Opus works it out automatically based on the filetypes. More control over it may come in the future. Right now it's aimed more at providing a way to edit metadata than to view metadata/attributes.

A viewer plugin could be written which displays information about exe and dll files in the viewer pane. (I think if Quick View Plus is installed it will make that happen, too.)

At the moment, the multi-purpose Description field will show the module version of exe/dll files, and there are columns to show the various version-resource details. They can also be shown in the infotip you get from hovering over a file (or holding Ctrl):

Hi Leo thanks for the reply.
I had not noticed that the version is displayed in the infotip. That gives me the functionality I was after. The description column is also something I had not seen before.

Are you in a position to raise a feature request? Having all file properties that are available in the details tab of the file properties windows viewable the MetaData pane would be a welcome addition - at least for me.


You can create feature requests via GPSoftware Support.