.mht file preview

Are there any plans to introduce file previews for.mht files? .html files view fine within the software of course, but .mht files don't which is a shame as it is my preferred method of saving web pages....

I'll have a look at adding MHT support to the ActiveX Document plugin (once I finish bashing my head against the brickwall that is Adobe Acrobat Reader).

That would be great!
I've just discovered this software and it seems to be doing a few things that I've been looking for software to do for a while. MHT support would be ace, and I believe there's a fix fr getting Open office documents to preview as well, so I'm looking at that too. The more things that preview the better!

Like marblewing, I too have a lot of files in .mht format and would like to be able to see the contents in a viewer pane.

I'm not much of a programmer, but I compared the formats of a .mht with .htm and the only differences appears to be some header information at the beginning of the file.

Hope to see this added in the future. thnx