Microsoft Defender kills dopus.exe in 13-4-46

For whatever reason Microsoft Defender deletes dopus.exe for 13.4.46

Defender is trash. It's always a false positive. Please report it to Microsoft rather than us, or use a better antivirus.

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Hey, I whitelisted it immediately because I trust dopus/GP.
Just for info when people install .46 and see it vanish after 30 seconds.

((And EVERY antivirus prog is trash anyway, I trust none of them - nothing worse than having security bugs in software that you explicitly give low level access and boy has that happened a lot the past years.))

Defender accuses us of being a random virus every time our signing certificate changes, despite it being the most secure type of certificate that guarantees identity, and being normal/required for certificates to be replaced every few years.

ESET/NOD32 has never done this, not even once. There may be worse or equally bad antivirus as Defender but there are also much better as well. Frankly, we're tired of dealing with the support hassle Microsoft cause us.

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FWIW, The same thing was happening with Everything a few weeks ago. See here.
Apparently, voidtools contacted Microsoft to send a false positive report, and there have been no further incidents since then.

Clean as a whistle.