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Microsoft Mouse Scroll Wheel sensitive after Windows 10 April update


After updating windows 10 with the April update and also updating Dopus to 12.8, smooth scrolling no longer works as it once did. I'm seeing sudden jumps with the slightest pressure on my mouse wheel. It's never been so sensitive. I have smooth scrolling checked in Display/Preferences/Mouse. I have Windows 10 set to scroll 1 line at a time. I have a Microsoft Mouse and have used it with Dopus for a while. Do you have a suggestion for me to correct the problem? Thanks!


Does the same thing happen in any other software?


The only program not effected seems to be Firefox. Which I assume means it's a Microsoft problem and not Dopus. Windows explorer is the same as described, but I don't normally use it ever.


Can't be Opus-related in that case. If Microsoft's mouse/drivers are having problems after Microsoft's OS update, I'd look to them for solutions or maybe updated drivers.


When I checked the driver status with Computer Management it said my drivers were up to date, but when I searched the internet and I downloaded Microsoft mouse drivers and the problem is solved. Thanks once again Leo!