Microsoft OneDrive Files and Folder Sizes within Dopus

I find that Microsoft OneDrive has unique columns like Status, Availability etc. shown in Lister.

OneDrive through Settings is also set to have only some folders always available on my PC, some folders available only on demand and some folders not to be shown for that PC at all.

I expect Dopus (or any other file manager for that matter) to show OneDrive and its various Sub folders folder size ON MY PC as exactly what it is taking ON MY PC. However, I feel that OneDrive folders are showing size as it is being used on actual cloud drive for Microsoft OneDrive.

Will appreciate if how OneDrive folder sizes are shown is explained and how to change it to show actual size (e.g. On Demand files should not take any space on my PC and hence it should show files and folder names but size used on my PC should be shown as 0 is what I would expect).

Thanks and Regards,

Use one of the Size on Disk columns instead of the Size columns.