Middle mouse button and double-click

Sorry if this is an easy one, I'd like to make my middle mouse button act as though I double-clicked, so if I middle mouse on a folder I'd like that folder to open as if it were double-clicked.

I think I found this feature by accident going into "power mode" or something but I'd like it to work in the normal mode.


I can't think of a way to do this, except for enabling single-click mode (Preferences / Listers / File Display, at the bottom), which isn't what you want since it affects the left button and changes the way files are selected...

When using Power Mode you can redefine what single-clicks of the left, right and middle buttons do, but none of the options performs a double-click. The choices are all to do with item selection, context menus, or inline-rename:[ul][li]Auto-deselect[/li]
[li]Context Menu[/li]
[li]Context Menu (no select)[/li]
[li]Context Menu (select)[/li]
[li]Deselect only[/li]
[li]Full toggle[/li]
[li]Inline Rename[/li]
[li]Normal drag select[/li]
[li]Partial toggle[/li]
[li]Select only[/li][/ul]You can also use the File Types editor to redefine what double-clicking does for each mouse button, with and without ctrl and/or alt held down. Here you get to assign any Opus command to the action, so it's quite powerful, but it still doesn't let you change a single-click into a double-click.

If you don't use the middle mouse button in other programs then you could set your mouse drivers so that the button sends a double-left click. That will work fine with Opus and you can still access the middle-click actions (if any) of your Opus toolbar buttons by holding ctrl when you left-click them.

The best solution might be to ask GPSoftware if the Power Mode mouse button options can be extended to include double-click. (Seems like a reasonable feature request to me.) Then you can use Power Mode and set things up how you want them.

Although I don't use Power Mode myself, I think you can configure it so it behaves exactly the same as Details mode so I don't think there's any reason to avoid using it, except that if Details is exactly what you want (as is the case for me) it's easier to just use Details. :slight_smile: