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Middle-Mouse Click on Favorites to Open in New Tab?

I have a toolbar called Favorites that houses my most frequent locations. I wish to be able to middle-mouse click on those folders to have them open in new tabs. Is that possible?


I don't think you can at the moment, but we will add that.

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We'll add this in the next update.


@Jon and @Leo First of all, thanks so much for adding the MULTIFUNC argument to the Favorites and Recent commands – it lets me middle-mouse click my Favorites to open them in new tabs, which is exactly what I wished for!

However, in all its glory, I think this 'three-button' operation (which I'll admit might suit some people) actually slows things down for me, due to old habits and because, now, I'm forced to actually think and consider whether I want to open a favorite in left or right pane.

TL;DR. In the past, I never really paid attention to which pane was active when opening favorites. Unless I specifically wanted to open them in left or right pane, in which I'd switch pane prior to left-clicking faves. My wish is to be able to still use left-click as normal (open in active pane instead of left pane specifically) and still use middle-click to open in new tab, in whatever the active pane is.

That makes sense. We're thinking of adding some additional modes for the different buttons in the future.

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