Milk Icons

A collection of icons from Miki Radulovic. They're not setup as a proper icon package for Opus 9 but they may be of use to people regardless. (425 KB)

On click

On mouse over

Milk icon set for Directory Opus

These icons are not drawn by me. Most are "borrowed" from various Safari-like
themes for Firefox while i did my best to make the missing ones look as a part of the set.

Icons are non standard size (24x23 pixels) which means that you will have to uncheck
"Preferences / Toolbars / Scale Toolbar button images when larger than standard button
size" for optimum quality.

Not all icons are made, only those which I use on a daily bases (about 90% of default toolbar).

All buttons should glow light blue when clicked on except Delete which glows red.

Icons that end with 2 are meant to be used as a second icon image that shows on mouse over,
while those that end with 3 are shown when button is clicked on. Alternatively you can just
use the second set and set image highlighting effect to grayscale.

Miki Radulovic