Minimize Instead Of Close

Is there any way to set Alt+F4 to minimize dopus lister instead of closing it?

I know I could use autohotkey or a macro program to do this, but it would work better if it could be done in DO. Also, when I tried to do this in macro express, it minimizes all dopus windows, like the preferences window, which I don't want to get minimized.

I did try to create a hotkey for Alt+F4 within Customize / Keys to make an attempt at this, but no matter what function I put in here Alt+F4 just closes the window anyway.

You can't override what alt-F4 does.

You can set another hotkey to Set LISTERCMD=Minimize or you can configure Opus to remember the most recently closed window and re-create it the next time you open a window, for almost the same effect.