Minor problem reading CD drive

Lately I've been getting the following error message for DVD drive when theres a blank disk in it.

Opus Error
An error occured reading folder
Unzulässige Function (1)

which translates literally as inadmissable function
I dont get the same problem with Explorer & just installed Opus update yesterday with no change in error.

I think this is a relatively new problem but am afraid I unsure when or why it started.
Anyone got any ideas or tips :question: thanks, tom

Try turning on Preferences / Miscellaneous / Windows Integration: Support Windows XP CD writing system if you want Opus to display something other than an error for blank CDs.

Thanks Leo
I remember changing that a while back, not sure why now.
At least I know now its nothing to worry about :slight_smile:

i have this checked on... doesn't change or help in any way.
got the same error (1): "incorrect function" while reading folder

(windows explorer loads the drives/folders correctly)

No need to post the same thing in multiple threads. Let's stick to the other one.