Minor System-wide Hotkey issue


Possibly appearing after upgrading to DOpus 13, I noticed this minor issue. I've gotten used to these HotKeys over the years. They mostly open a specific folder/location, in a non-system drive:


They all work as before, except the first one (Win+A). Note I have Open-Shell Menu installed (since forever) and the Windows Action Center is disabled (since forever). I believe Win+A is intended for the Action Center. Win+A would only ever work with DOpus (12 and possibly earlier), if AC was disabled.

Pressing Win+A, now:
a) Does not always bring up the desired folder (nothing happens - other times the folder does open)
b) Always brings up the Start Menu (the Open Shell one), whether the desired folder/lister is opened or not.

Furthermore, I have a keyboard with two Win keys and the behaviour above seems to happen more frequently with the left Win key (although it can happen with the other one, too).

I can change this HotKey, but perhaps something changed in DOpus 13 here?

It’s likely something else (often part of Windows) is intercepting the hotkey before Opus can see it.

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Ok, thanks. Must be something specific about Win+A since all the others work, including Win+Shift+A.