Minor Typos and Inconsistencies

Reporting a few minor typos and inconsistencies.

Missing Ellipses

Microsoft Windows Application Design Guidelines - Menus - Using Ellipses

These menu items should each have an ellipsis. I was hesitant to try these menu items. Without an ellipsis to denote more input required, their labels present as if the command will execute immediately and can not be cancelled.

  • Tools Menu > Join Files
    Tools Menu > Join Files...

  • Tools Menu > Split File
    Tools Menu > Split File...

Documentation Typos

Reference > Metadata Keywords > Keywords for Columns

Just before the first table, there should be a close curly bracket } as a opposed to close parenthesis ).

  • {mp3track|#2)

File Operations

The fifth list item contains the word categorise. To be consistent with other pages in the documentation, the word should be categorize.

  • categorise

Reference > Icon Sets > Icon Names
Reference > Icon Sets > Icon Display Names
Reference > Icon Sets > Icon Categories

These pages have missing spaces, often next to punctuation characters. Some pages more than others, like the Icon Categories page. Best not to highlight them all here; a full proofread is suggested.

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That's a bug in the tool we use to write documentation, which does that sometimes, unfortunately, and only in the finished file, not the version we usually see when editing.

If you tell us where they are, we can fix them.

Yes, it reminds me of the same sort of problems with the online WYSIWYG editors years ago.

These spacing errors are minor. Quite surprised though, compared to what I have seen in the rest of the manual.

Icon Sizes

Reference > Icon Sets > Icon Sizes

  • icon-
  • to“small”

Icon Names

Reference > Icon Sets > Icon Names

  • uses,you
  • .xml  file (double space)

Icon Display Names

Reference > Icon Sets > Icon Display Names

  • icon,which
  • _</set> (extra preceding space)

Icon Categories

Reference > Icon Sets > Icon Categories

  • “tools”,“view”
  • node.For
  • “Tools”default
  • called“Image”.
  • the“File”


Reference > Icon Sets > Localization

  • _</iconset> (extra preceding space)

Icon Images

Reference > Icon Sets > Icon Images

  • /> (missing preceding space


Wow! Are you a professional technical writer or something similar?
Good eye for details!

MANY thanks!

The manual changes have all been done for the next update. (For the help file that ships with the program. The web version will also be fixed but updates on a different schedule.)

The "Join Files" and "Split File" labels have been updated internally, but may be left as-is until a larger set of string changes happen, due to the extra noise and delays minor changes can cause our translation process. (Once changed, they'll also only affect new installs, unless the existing toolbar is reset to factory defaults. But if you want the change on your existing toolbar now, you can edit in the changes, of course.)