Missing Box Drive menu in right button option

hello, i'm using the 12.2 version and also Box Drive to sync folders/files.
Under the windows explorer there is a menu for Box Drive options (see below) but under Directory Opus, impossible to have which is a pain.

Could you help to solve this issue ?


Are you really using 12.2, or 12.20?

Sorry for the confusion : it is 12.20

Please try selecting Preferences / Folders / Virtual Folders / Treat all "virtual filesystem folders" as virtual and close and re-open any tabs which are showing the Box folder. It should then work.

2020-04-06 20-43-31 Clipboard Image

Thanks, just tried. "virtual filesystem fodlers" was already treated as virtual. I removed, applied, re-select and applied but still no menu of Box drive.

Any clue ?

Could you post a screenshot of what you see in Opus when right-clicking something in the Box folder?

Hello Leo, here we are

I need to see the folder itself, uncropped. From what I can see, it isn't the virtual folder, but I can't see much of it.

Try the actual Box folder, not a subfolder, too, please.

Is it what you are looking for ?
I also have shortcuts of the Box Folder above.

This is the Box Fodler

Here we are

Leo wanted to see the Box folder.

Not easy to understand what you need; I assume tis one is the right one.

Thanks, that last screenshot is what I wanted.

From the way the file display is drawn, that's definitely Box itself drawing the file display there. I'd also expect the right-click menu to have all the desired items in there if you right-click something.

Are the menu items only missing if you're in a folder below the Box folder, and not in the Box folder itself?