Missing DO taskbar icons after update

After updating DO to 12.26 (x64 version), the DO taskbar icons would appear for a brief moment on the starting of the program, and then get replaced by the usual windows explorer's icon (and I did not set DO to replace Windows' Explorer as the default file explorer.)

I have since uninstalled and reinstalled DO, updated my Windows 10, cleared the icon cache and rebooted my PC as one old post suggested. The taskbar icons would still revert to that of Windows Explorer. It doesn't matter whether I open on lister or multiple.

I have also checked the directory where the "change the icon" option in the program's properties window, to no use.

Please help me restore DO icons on the task bar because I also use Windows' File Explorer as well, and I don't want to get confused between the two apps running at the same time. Thanks.

Lister windows now take on the current folder's icon by default. (In a dual-display or multi-tab window, the source active folder tab's icon will be used.) A new option under Preferences / Display / Options lets you switch back to the color-coded Opus logo if you wish.

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Thank you so much. After unchecking the "use current folder's icon" under Preferences / Display / Options, I got the old DO lister icons on my task bar.