Missing Drives, Office, ... choice in 12.23.3 Toolbars subMenu

Hello from France,

But they are present in 12.23

I got only Pictures, Menu and Operations in the toolbars Menu.

Any help is welcomed


Michel MN

They're only added to your profile the first time it's created. If you delete them after that, the installer won't add them back every time you update (that'd be annoying for people who don't want them).

If you type /dopusglobaldata/buttons into Opus, you should see them there. You can copy them over to /dopusdata/buttons to get them back in your profile so you can turn the on.

Hi Leo,

That's OK. Simple.

I just reinstall my pc and so dopus, and I did not delete these buttons so I do not understand what happened

Thank you very much for you help

I checked a fresh install of 12.23.3 on a machine/account which never had Opus before and that worked OK at least:

If you restored your Opus config or user profile from the old machine to the new one, that might be why the toolbars are missing (if they were missing from the old config/profile).

I changed my disks from HDD to SSD and restarted windows from scratch.
This is :
Mysteries of computer science OR
Could not reproduce OR
This is not a bug.

Thank you again :grinning:

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