Missing folders occasionally

Opening up one of my usual branches that has 20 folders,10 of which have subfolders-

Frequently some of the folders that have subfolders will not display.

I can simultaneously open another instance of DO and see the folders that were missing in the initial display.

Does the status bar indicate that files/folders are hidden from the display?


Though the status bar indicated four hidden files, when i clicked on the hidden to make all hidden visible the folders did not appear, though the previously hidden files appeared. I clicked on "Refresh" and still they did not appear-

Are you sure you're in the right location?

Maybe post a screenshot of the two windows so we can compare them.

I hate to ask, but may i send them to your email directly? There is some info that is marginally sensitive, the names of a number of clients the folders are named after. While i like to be trusting, there ever once in a while turns up a troll...

Sure, send them to crashdumps@gpsoft.com.au.

The screenshot labelled DO 01.jpg is showing the contents of D:\bem\Documents\Business.

The other two screenshots are showing C:\users\bem\Documents\Business.

They would appear to be different folders?

I would hope this would be the last time i so publicly embarrass myself, but if history is any guide, it will probably happen again.

Thank-you for helping me. Not only may i have been working at times with obsolete information, but apparently there is a problem with my backup routines. I humbly apologize for abusing your time!

Thank-you Jon.

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No worries, took me a while to see it as well :smiley: