Missing Ordinal 380 popup when loading Windows from cold boot

9 times out of 14.5 when I load windows from a cold boot I get a window popup that states there is an error regarding DO and missing ordinal 380(?). The wording is "the ordinal 380 could not be located" but I can't remember the DLL its referring to, I can make a screen shot the next time I get the popup. I want to think I mistakenly deleted a temp file or something of the like that the program refers to, but I'm not known for incredibly accurate assumptions.
As far as I can tell, the program works 100% fine even after I get the popup, so mostly this is just vanity and wanting not to see the window appear anymore. The impact it has upon my aesthetically pleasing desktop is distressing lol.
I've searched the Goog regarding this popup and other programs that have returned a similar error do so when they can't find a VisuallC++ install file or something of the like.
With what limited information I have provided, is there someone out there that knows what the hell I'm talking about, and even more unlikely - can give me a hint on how to fix it? Thank you to the wizards of DO for everything I continue to make difficult :grin:

The name of the DLL is kind of important :slight_smile:

the next time I see it Ill screen shot it. Don't think of me as too dumb, I'm really really trying here lol.

ok here it is :

That's quite odd. I can't see how that message could be coming from Opus itself, but I have no idea what else it might be coming from.

Do you get it if you fully exit Opus and then run it again? Or does it only happen on boot up?

This looks like an OS bug to me, based on the same error happening with other software:

The last one mentions that renaming the directory the exe is in fixed things. Which isn't what I'd recommend with Opus (it'll break all the paths pointing to it in the registry), but does imply that Windows is storing or caching some kind of incorrect information somewhere about the exe/path.

Uninstall & reinstall might fix things, or did for people seeing the problem with Spotify, at least. (Use Settings > Backup & Restore to make a config backup first.)

only on boot up

When I updated to .50 v13 you just released, I was hoping it would go away, but it persists. Perhaps a complete uninstall and reinstall like you are saying. Do you think If I did a full backup and reapplied the backup to the fresh install it would cause this error to occur again?

Restoring a config backup shouldn't cause the error. It's likely something that's happening in Windows before Opus itself starts running.

If it only happens on boot up that suggests it's caused by something else that runs on start up. If you want to investigate it you could try using Task Manager to disable all the startup programs and then progressively reenable them to see if you can find the culprit.

(It might be related to a service or something that's not started from the list that Task Manager shows, of course, but that would be somewhere to start)