Missing volume name and letter in tree

Directory Opus missing information

I have a problem with Directory Opus 12.21 x64 on Windows 10 2004 x64: the tree stops displaying a volume's name and drive letter in the tree. This occurs some time after starting DO and mostly happens to drive F: with the name Media. Is this a known bug and does anybody else see this?

If you leave a File Explorer window open for a while, does the same thing happen there?

What happens if you close the Opus window and open a new one? Is the name still wrong there?

It'd likely be due to the drive sending an invalid change notification about itself.

I'll try that.

Closing and reopening DO causes the tree to be correct again.

It doesn't, while DO does show the problem.

Is there anything different/special about that drive/volume compared to the others?

None that I can see: no heavy usage, built-in SATA HDD.

If you look through Event Viewer / Windows Logs / System, are there any warnings or errors about the drive around the time(s) it disappears?

I can't find any warnings and errors around that time other than ESENT and DistributedCOM warnings, which don't appear promising to me?

DCOM warnings are normal (sadly; lots of noise from Windows in the Event Logs these days).

Not sure about the ESENT ones, but they can probably be ignored. It seems to be a database technology built into Windows: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Extensible_Storage_Engine -- so probably not relevant, unless the messages mention the same drive, at least.

If you right-click the Start button and choose Disk Management, does it say all the drives are Healthy? Any differences in the details there between that drive and the others?

Only other thing I can think of is to leave Process Monitor running, filtering on that drive, and see if something is going on with it at the time the problem starts. But leaving that running for a long time can be a problem as it can start to use a huge amount of memory.

I don't have many other ideas, and I can't think of any similar reports, recently or in the past.

Disk Management calls it a healthy basic data partition. All other volumes also show as healthy; I don't see anything unusual about the different partitions. % Free for the missing drive is 90 %.

Given that I can't say how long before the problem manifests itself, I'd rather not risk an OOM situation.

One thing I forgot to mention is that I use Kaspersky Internet Security 20. Are there any known problems between DO and it?

There is an issue with Kaspersky messing up change notifications unless you whitelist the process:

That affects other software, not just Opus, but it seems to treat different applications differently, and not all apps depend on the change notification API that Kaspersky sometimes breaks. So it doesn't cause problems with all software, but it has been known to break that Windows API, which could be involved in what you're seeing happen to that drive.

Thank you for the information. Unfortunately, Kaspersky is the least bad of several I tried. Given that the missing tree display of a single drive root is not a major limitation, I'll live with it.

Some of us use ESET and are pretty happy with it.