Mix files and folders problem after system restore

Hi all, I just did a system restore and now when I tell DOpus to sort files and folders mixed by date accessed, it doesn't work. It keeps the files and folders grouped together, and also doesn't sort them by date accessed.

Is it possible that after my system restore that the files and folders in my other partitions somehow had their information changed? Even so, now if I open a text file and close it (meaning I've accessed it), it doesn't sort it either mixed or accessed. Before the system restore I did a full backup of DOpus when everything was working fine. I now have restored DOpus to those settings - I even went to check the code in my buttons and they are all the same. My button still has:

Set SORTBY=accessed SORTORDER=Mixed @toggle disable

I'm really not sure what's wrong. Am I missing something?

What does the accessed date/time column actually show?

Can you show us a screenshot showing the bad sorting?

A lot of things will bump the accessed timestamps, and also they are not updated immediately by the OS in many cases... The accessed stamps are virtually useless, IMO, but Opus should sort by whatever the OS reports as the time if you tell it to. I suspect the timestamps aren't what you're expecting them to be.

Note that accessed time isn't the same as modified or creation time.

Also, Vista by default doesn't update the accessed time stamps at all:

blogs.technet.com/filecab/archiv ... mance.aspx

Hi Leo, I realized what the problem was. DOpus is in fact sorting everything properly by date accessed and mixed, but when I did the system restore (in Windows XP), all of my folder timestamps were updated (to exactly the same time) but the files were left as is with their old timestamps. This caused everything to look like the mixed sort was not working, but it actually was; it's just that the timestamps changed in a weird way.

The only reason why I sort by accessed is because DOpus doesn't allow manual sorting, so I figure this is the next best thing for my needs. But I agree, clearly the accessed timestamps don't really work as they should in Windows. Thanks for the input :slight_smile: