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Moblin icons for DOpus



Here is DO icon set based on Moblin icons.

[ul] :opusicon: There are 489 distinct icons, 2 sizes each (20x20, 32x32), PNG with transparency.
:opusicon: The set does not automatically replace existing icons.
:opusicon: All icons scaled from SVG sources, but sometimes 20x20 may not look optimal, because this size may cause problems when scaling.
:opusicon: Original names and categories are preserved.
:opusicon: The set is suitable rather for darker Windows themes.
To use, download the file, change extension to .dis and import in Preferences dialog.

Have fun!

Icons sample (100 icons) (872 KB)


These look great but do not appear when moved to the top in Dopus 10 :frowning: Am i doing something wrong? I renamed the zip to .dis and imported it and moved the file to the top of the icons list. The Directory Opus 10 XP icons worked fine.

Hope you can answer me as these look really good.



So how do I use the icons? Maybe there is a jedi trick involved here "These aren't the icons you're looking for" when I try and use them :frowning:


When editing a button, click on the icon to change it.