MOD and S3M in the viewer pane

I allways wanted to ask this question, but never dared :slight_smile:
Is it possible to preview MOD and S3M music files in the viewer pane of DO12 ?

I was sure that if something was playable in Windows Media (Windows 8.1), it would be playable in DO viewer pane. I would just have to add the extentions in the Windows Media Player Plugin (from the ActiveX plugins parameters in DO) to allow it.
But it doesn't work. When I click on a Mod or s3m file, Media Player appears but if I click on the "play" button, nothing happens.

Can you help me, please ?


Sorry this question got skipped.

Can you play those files in Media Player normally? I doubt Windows can handle them natively so you'd probably need a third-party codec installed before Media Player (and Opus) could play them.

With K-Lite Codec pack you can play them through WMP etc., or use something like Modplugtracker.

MOD/S3M is an old tracker-format including sheet music and soundfiles, which will be played/streamed "live" (it's not a recorded wavefile).

I have suggestion to made plugin that run any program with parameters based on extension in viewer pane (something like sandboxed process). This give us, for example, possibility to load XMPlay in viewer pane if mod/s3m/xm will be clicked. I don't know is it possible, but it will be nice. Preferenced for any program should be stored in specific opus subdirectory (instead of AppData) to personalize view independent of standalone version of program.

But I think it will be too difficult to made. Or not?

You already have double-click for that.

A big part of the reason the preview pane exists at all is for it not to open other additional windows when you select files, and there is no way to meld another program's window into our own unless the other program provides a suitable object, which could not be launched or controlled via the command line alone.

Hmmm, you're right.

And about mod/s3m - it will be nice of course, but I think XMplay makes it much better (you can set interpolation, decrease stereo separation etc.). Most of players that using just plugins for mod, have no useful options. And listening mod without decreasing stereo separation is hard (especially on headphones).

No reason a mod codec for Windows Media Player etc. could not have configurable stereo separation, although I don't know if any do. Codecs like FFDShow have control panels with hundreds of options.

Someone could also write a mod viewer plugin for Opus with its own custom code. We provide an API for 3rd party plugins. But it's too niche for us to do ourselves.