Modifier or flag to disable UNDO step

It would be nice to be able to use DOpus file commands without them being recorded in DOpus's undo log.
Something like @disableUndo copy MOVE a b or copy MOVE a b NOUNDO

I've deleted the old duplicate post. Moving my reply from that to here:

Not if the copy/move is done using Opus commands, but if you're in a script [as mentioned in the old thread] then you could use the Windows scripting functions to copy/move files around instead, which will not affect the Opus undo log.

I wanted to formally post this as a feature-request; I didn't mean to "litter" :stuck_out_tongue:
Thanks for cleaning up after me.
Is this the proper way to post a feature request? I simply went by the tag name and posted it here

Any forum post can be a feature request. The tag isn't really important.

(In fact, the real reason the feature-request and bug-report tags exist is to discourage people adding things like "[Feature Request]" to subject titles, since it makes them much larger, and a lot of the time people request things that are already there but they just didn't know about.)

Oh, I see!
Good to know :+1: