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Module Version column broken

Something has happened recently to my Module Version column. It displays version values correclly on first opening the program, but after moving to a new folder or to a new lister tab, this column is permanently blank. To see versions, I have to navigate to the folder, completely close the lister, and then open it again and all the versions magically appear. While the column is empty their is a 'circular egg-timer' rotating in the top right corner, so it is clearly trying to do something and not succeeding. Updating to the 19.2 beta makes no difference. It fails on a folder which has only a couple of DLLs or EXE files, so it is not fixed by waiting longer. Windows 10 1909, 64 bit.

I need to refer to this column all the time, and Directory Opus is useless to me without it. I have had to drop back to the clunky Xplorer2 until I can get a fix for this issue. What could be causing this?

That sounds like something is hanging on the file-info thread. It could be Opus itself or it could be a third party component.

If you can take a few process snapshots while the problem is happening, we should be able to see what the thread is doing from those:

Thanks, your instant reply led me to the solution. I ran Sysinternals' Procmon and immediately saw the problem. I recently have had to make occasional visits to a network folder (on another tab) which has 5000 text files in it (but not .TXT extensions), and Procmon showed it was opening each one of them to look in vain for a version resource. Closing that tab instantly filled the version column in my visible tab. Might it be a good idea to give priority to the visible tab when your file-info thread is beavering away in the background? I had not imagined a non-visible tab would have priority, so I did not think of this explanation. If that is not possible, is there a way to specify explicitly what file extensions to look for to collect version info? We deal with lots of custom file extensions and none of them have version info.

I thought we changed that in 12.15 but maybe it didn't affect those particular columns, or it doesn't take switching tabs into account (only scrolling).

I've made a note to take a look in more detail.

This is still broken in 12.20. A tab with a large network folder open causes the Module Filename to column to show up all blank on opening a local folder. And it can be a long wait, too. Surely it must be possible to assign priority to visible tabs first? By all means scan in the background, but what's the point of giving priority to folders whose tab is closed? And why does a folder get scanned at a really slow speed if it contains no .exe or .dll files?

This should work better in the next beta. When switching tabs, the visible tab's files will be moved to the top of the queue for scanning.

Thanks, I will look out for it.