More feature requests for tabs

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Well, I was totally blown away when Dopus came out with tabs, because it is now giving my other favorite file manager a big run for its money (Total Commander). I hope I can comment on the two without offending anyone, I mean it with very much respect.

First of all, I use the two programs for completely different reasons. DOpus is my overall Windows Explorer replacement, it is much more polished than TC and is much more suitable for most of my daily operations. However, for times when I need to really use a lot of different directories, move and copy many files around, etc. I use TC. In my opinion, using tabs on TC is a little better, although the differences are subtle. (granted, DOpus just started this, so I'm sure we'll see a lot of improvements). Here are some comments comparing TC's tabs with DOpus' tabs.

  1. In TC, you can lock certain tabs in two different ways, which are very useful. In normal lock mode, anytime you try to open a directory other than the current locked one, it will open up a new tab in the current frame. There is another lock mode which allows directory changes. This allows you to change directories, but if you press "home" or "root" it will bring you back to the directory you have locked. Also, if you go to another tab and return to this locked tab, it will always revert back to the locked directory, no matter where you left it. I love these features.

  2. In Dopus, you can set the folder settings of each tab independantly, which is great. These are things like column sorting, content filtering, mode (details, power). It would be nice to be able to have a setting that allows changes made in one tab apply to all the tabs in that panel. Better yet, it would be better if the user can decide which settings apply to all the tabs in the panel, and which remain independant (maybe a dialog box with check boxes).

  3. This third one is very subtle. In DOpus power mode, you can drag select files just like in TC. However, in TC you can right-click and drag select like normal, BUT, you can also left-click on a file and select it without REALLY selecting it and adding it to the overall group selection. It's kind of hard to explain. For example, you can right-click and select many files and they will be highlighted, but then you can left-click and select an individual file also, but it won't be highlighted, there will just be an outline around to indicate that it is the current file right now. This allows you to work with that file (rename, whatever) without adding it to the selection set, or if it is already in the selection set, you can work with that file individually. Again, this is very minor, but still important. Let me know if I have not explained it clearly.

  4. Here's another minor feature. You know how when you are in a directory, you can just begin typing the first few characters of a filename or directory name, and the selection will immediately jump to the matching file (called Quirck Search)? Well, TC offers another way of doing this which is nice...with a small search dialog. For example, you'll be in the directory, and as soon as you type a character, a little box will appear where you can type. Once you are done, you press enter and the selection will jump to the matching filename. This is sometimes better because if you make a mistake typing, you can backspace, and you also don't have the time limit where if you pause too long, the search will reset and you have to start from the first character again.

  5. Finally, both programs allow you to customize the hotkeys according to the user's preferences. In DOpus, some keys are not mappable, such as Escape. I would like to use Escape in Power Mode to deselect all files. I understand that Esc is used a lot to cancel out of dialog boxes, but TC is able to do it. I don't know about programming, but all I know is that somehow TC is able to differentiate when the Esc is needed for dialog boxes and when it can be customized for the user.

That is it. DOpus just made it harder for me to justify using two different programs, so that's why I wanted to offer my suggestions. If I'm going to drop TC, I'd like to not miss it as far as features go. DOpus has really been unbelievable about being the most flexible and configurable program out there, there's just no comparison. By the way, I love the TAB groups, that's awesome!

Thanks, and please let me know if what I said was inappropriate.

I think your first two points have some interesting ideas. I guess the difficulty will be how to implement them in a way that doesn't overcomplicate things and confuse people. I can't add much to those two but here's some thoughs on the rest:

An alternative that works in Opus is to hold Ctrl and use the cursor Up/Down keys. This will change which is the current file (the one that is outlined and will be renamed if you hit F2, and so on) without altering the selection.

Actually, I was trying in Details mode. In Power mode you don't need to hold Ctrl since moving the cursor around doesn't change the selection. In Power mode you just have to put yourself into keyboard mode, either through checking Always in keyboard mode or by tapping Ctrl to toggle keyboard mode.

Opus actually worked that way in the very first betas, but it was decided that the Explorer way was usually nicer and the feature was changed. Maybe it should be an option so people can choose? Or maybe Opus should have a toolbar field that you can type into to move the selection, meaning you can use both features at once as it suits you.

IMO that's a bugette in the Opus hotkey edit box. It should capture Esc but instead the dialog closes.

Like you said, all of these things can be options, and the default can be whatever it is now. Only people like me who feel compelled to change it can turn on the check box or whatever it is in the preferences. That's what I like about my suggestions and the way DOpus works. It's no big change, just add a couple of check boxes in the options somewhere.

I like that, I did not know about that! However, it would still be nice if you can do that kind of selection with the mouse also. I think there needs to be one more option in the Power Mode mouse button that allows you to select without adding to the selection group.

Yes! I'm sure no one will complain about more options and flexibilty!

Okay, I guess that needs to be fixed sometime. Not a big deal hopefully.

Thanks for the response!

My 2 cents...

Regarding the extensions to the folder tabs; I personally love the ideas!

For the quick search dialog box or toolbar field showing the keys typed... I'd like this as well, and with an option to link the file name search between tabs/lister panes, so that if you leave a filename typed in while browsing tab1, then change to tab2 and maybe just re-click on such a toolbar field or hit a hot key (like ), you would be positioned to the corresponding filename (if present) in that new tab. For this ideas such as this and some other things I'd like to see a bit more from Dopus to allow for certain things to be applied to 'all tabs' vs. 'specific tabs'. For instance, having a search field like we're talking about actually ON the tabbar that would be specific to ONLY that tab... but then have one on the main Toolbar that would be 'global' for all tabs.

steje wrote:
My 2 cents...

For this ideas such as this and some other things I'd like to see a bit more from Dopus to allow for certain things to be applied to 'all tabs' vs. 'specific tabs'. [/quote]

Yes, that is a great idea! Then the user has total control over each folder that is opened, and each can function differently. Fore example, you can set one tab for thumbnail mode, if it has pictures, and another tab in the same panel with just files will only show files.

Add this to my previous request of being able to lock tabs, and it would really add power to the tab feature. Also, with the tab group saving feature that is already implemented, it would give the user infite options to quickly recall and configure all of the tabs exactly as they want. After all, customization and flexibilty are DOpus' strongest features.