More flexibility with the Dual Image Icons

As I understand it the Dual Image function only can be used as a “mouse over” effect, so that Directory Opus switch over to the second icon whenever you hover your mouse over a button?

I would love to see some more flexibility to this this feature. Here are some thoughts:

It would be nice to be able to switch between the chosen icon1 and icon2 in the Command Editor with script commands. (Maybe have a drop down menu by the “Dual Image” tick box with the options “Hover” and “Toggle” or something?)

A simple use for this would be to have icons looking like buttons or checkboxes in two states - on/checked and off/unchecked. Then you could create a DO-button called “Show hidden files” and create a script that switch between the two icons along with the functionality to clearly show the state of (in this case) the hidden files visibility.

This could of course become confusing if you have other buttons/shortcuts that include changing the visibility state of hidden files since you would need to press the button created in Thought1 for the icons to switch.

However, if it was possible to script any button/shortcut to change state of the Dual Image Icons in any other button, that would make it possible to include this switch of icons from wherever the “Show Hidden Files”-command was executed.


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The @icon modifier (maybe combined with variables set by a script to change whether/which icon is replaced) should let you do that already.

The Flat View button on the default Menu toolbar has an example that changes icons depending on the Flat View mode:

@toggle:if FLATVIEW=Toggle

Set FLATVIEW=On,Grouped

Wow! Tha's awesome! :smiley:
Thanks, Leo