More font colors

is it possible to change the font colors in infotips? or the font colors in tiles mode?

i tried color tags like the ones used in the Status Bar setup, but they didn't work :frowning:

Font color in infotips
You can use simple html tags.

Manual here

[quote="From manual"]InfoTips support simple html mark-up for text styles. Supported tags are for bold, for italics and for
underline. You can also use the font tag to change color, but not the font. For example, would
set the text color to orange. A shortcut for the font color tag is <#aabbcc>.[/quote]

E.G. Your text

Font color in tilemode
I don't think it's possible... Font color depend of Preferences/Display - Color and Fonts settings...

thanks for the information. i just realized that Opus uses the windows tooltip color settings, so i changed them there and got the effect i wanted.

Color working with code thx. But is there a html code for font size that will work?