More granularity in group by name, please?

Wondering if it'd be possible to have some flags or some such that'd allow us to specify the number of characters in the filename that the group by function will use? Currently, it seems to be hardcoded to use 0-9, A-H, I-P, Q-Z.

For example, pass it a value of 1 & the function would test against only the first character in the filenames and then create individual groups for each unique value thusly discovered. I suppose I could try to whip up some custom scripts or something for this (my script-fu often leaves a lot to be desired... :slight_smile: )


Column(s): CustomGrouping (group items differently) may be what you want.

Evidently my search-fu leaves something to be desired too... :neutral_face:

I'm blaming the nascent migraine for this lapse. Will check out the link; thank you Leo!

The topic/script-column-set, Leo linked to, does not yet provide custom grouping for filenames, this is on my schedule to include though, just wait some.. o)