Columns: CustomGrouping (group by SizeRange/FileTypeGroup..)

"CustomGrouping" - Some columns which DO does not support natively.
These (may) provide adjustable group names, number of groups or sorting items by DO internal settings.

Notice: Names and size ranges of groups can be customized from script config, see screenshot.

  • Column "RandomNumber", let's you sort items randomly
  • Column "Size1", group by name of size groups
  • Column "Size2", group by range of size groups
  • Column "Size3", group by name + range of size groups
  • Column "FileTypeGroup", show and group by DOs file type group (v11.18+)
  • Column "Kind", import Explorers "Kind" column (v12.0.8+), thx to Leo o) -> Column: Kind and File Type Group


To install the columns, download the *.js.txt file below and drag it to Preferences / Toolbars / Scripts.
After that, right click any listers column header and add the columns from the "script" submenu.



Updated to v0.1a:

  • all tabs removed from script code (seemed to have a bad effect on group names)
  • cleanup of names and IDs to prepare the Size columns to fit for usage on folders as well (currently these are put into an "Unknown" group)

This looks great. My main startup/goto/homepage lister is a folder full of shortcuts. I'd really like custom groups based on partial filename matches or partial description matches. Wildcard would be great, regex even better. eg



Thanks for the great work!! :smiley:
Do you think it is possible to do the custom grouping for the "Modified" column as well? :slight_smile:

I'll see what I can do. I think I have a usecase for these as well, so.. o)
You might check the regexp columns in the meantime (made by wowbagger iirc), they might group on regexs already.

I guess so, yes.
In what way would you like the modified items to be grouped? Something like "within 1 day", "within two weeks" etc.?

I'm a bit short on time at the moment, but stay tuned. o)

Updated to v0.3:

  • new file type (group) column
  • another size column for grouping items by name
  • added ConfigHelper, updated XLog, using experimental ColumnGrinder

The "FileTypeGroup" column requires DO v11.18 or prior beta version, where handling for item-groups was enhanced.

Updated to v0.4:

  • new column "RandomNumber" to randomize lister content/sort order

Updated to v0.4.2:

  • bug fixes (FileTypeGroup was only showing "0" in DOv12, script error fixed after changing script config)
  • new column "Kind", import Explorers "Kind" column (v12.0.8+), thx to Leo o) -> Column: Kind and File Type Group

Thank you for this useful script, but i have some issues when files grouped by filetype i cannot use manual sort toggle (the button disabled) but if i toggle it via folderoptions it works.

And also a request if you dont mind, can you please make extension field but always in uppercase no matter extension's case in filename.