More options to set timestamp attributes

Is there a way to extract and set Created/Modified date/time attributes from the filename? (for example, many video/photo files shot with smartphones have a filename like VID_20200230_233445. I'd like to be able to extract the date/time from that and insert it).
Even better, to be able to use the metadata Release date/time for videos, recently introduced in v12.19.6, in setting the file's time attributes.

I'd expect most smartphones to fill out the datetaken property properly. This can be copied to other properties. Not sure if the release date can be copied this way.!Documents/Keywords_for_SetAttr_META.htm

A script can use info from the filename (or the release date) to set metadata.

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Using the datetaken metadata, as lxp suggests above, is easiest if the metadata has the correct values for your files.

If not, here's a script which extracts dates from the filename and applies them to the modified timestamp. You'll need to modify it slightly to match your date/time format -- there's another example lower down the thread that shows which parts to change.

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Thank you both for the solution, I also think it would be a good idea for a future release to have the "release date" field available as an option in the "Change attributes&times/copy from" drop down list, since "Date taken" is available there for photos.

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