More options to the NerOpus toolbar please

I use the NerOpus toolbar all the time, it's such a fantastic toolbar!

But I miss a couple of things, such as the ability to burn .img/.mdf/.bin and so on to CDs, not only the .iso files.

I have a lot of these other-type-than-iso images on my computer (as I only recently realized that .iso was the best way to make them from my CDs).

What about also being able to burn images on to DVDs, not only CDs?

And why not be able to MAKE .iso files from CDs and DVDs? That would be a great way to make my back-ups, instead of using the oh-so-ugly Nero standard interface for this.

Are these functions possible to make, or are there any restrictions by the Nero command-line feature?

I can see from the "nerocmd.exe /help" that burning images to a DVD seems possible (see picture).

Testing it out now, seems to be working (currently burning an .mdf on to a DVD).

The DVD (.mdf) and CD (.bin) images were burned, but the discs came out defective. The DVD could show me the list of files, but not run them.

Here's what I tried:


"c:\Programfiler\ahead\nero\NeroCmd.exe" --write --no_error_log --drivename x --real --dvd --image {filepath$} --detect_non_empty_cdrw --underrun_prot echo. echo Your image is burned! pause
(simply added --dvd and removed the .iso from the Burn ISO)


"c:\Programfiler\ahead\nero\NeroCmd.exe" --write --no_error_log --drivename x --real --image {filepath$} --detect_non_empty_cdrw --underrun_prot echo. echo Your image is burned! pause
(simply removed the .iso from filepath from the Burn ISO)

Am I WAY off here..?

Last time someone had a Nero command-line problem nobody here knew the answer. There's no harm in asking, of course, but you might be better off mailing the Nero Support people or asking at a CD/DVD writing forum (though I don't know of a good one off the top of my head, sorry).

I'm not saying "don't ask about Nero here"; just thought I'd suggest a couple of things in case nobody here can help like the last time. :slight_smile: