Mouse pointer jumps to second display (on a multi display system) when file is deleted

Hi to all,

A small bug that should be corrected. On a 2 display system, if DO is opened on one display and some file is deleted, on many occasions, mouse pointer "jumps" to the other display... This cannot be corrected through an option but really relates to a bug in the application, in my opinion.

And I have noticed this "bug" in previous versions as well.

Does it still happen if you turn off Preferences / File Operations / Progress Indicators / Display the jobs bar automatically when starting a new job?

Is there anything special about your multi-monitor setup? e.g. Are the two monitors using different DPI settings to each other?

Hi Leo

Actually "Display the jobs bar automatically when ..." is turned off.

And both displays are same model and have same DPI settings 1920x1080

Does it happen when using the recycle bin, or when doing a shift-delete to bypass it?

Does the same thing happen in File Explorer?

Here's the sequence:

  1. open DO on a folder located on Desktop (drive C)
  2. move window on second display
    while deleting files located in said folder one by one
  3. after a single file is deleted, mouse cursor "jumps" to other display
  4. get cursor back in DO window
  5. delete another file
  6. cursor "jumps"...

So this problem not related to files being deleted from recycle bin or shift-delete

Also doesn't happen in File Explorer

What are the exact steps for this part? What do you click on and when?

Here are the exact steps:

  1. open folder located on "Desktop" with DO

  2. move window on display #2

  3. select file located in right hand panel

  4. right-click on mouse button

  5. select delete --> file deleted

    --> mouse pointer moves on display #1

  6. get mouse pointer back in DO window on display #2

  7. select file located in right hand panel

  8. right-click on mouse button

  9. select delete --> file deleted

and this happens for each file selected in said window and deleted

I can't reproduce that here, for what it's worth. I don't think any code in Opus itself that moves the mouse pointer would be invoked via that sequence of events either.

  1. Is this option turned on in Windows? It may be related to what's happening:

  2. Does it also happen if you delete using the Delete button on the toolbar instead of the right-click context menu?

  3. What if you hold shift while clicking delete, in both cases (toolbar and context menu)?

Automatically move pointer... is not checked.

Problem happens on some occasions but not constantly
so can't discriminate if deleting through Delete button or
holding shift key while deleting would be OK.

So I do believe this problem is related to windows and
we should close this ticket as problem very difficult to
reproduce and doesn't happen constantly.

BTW really appreciate DO as this has become my
favorite explorer. Keep on improving this very
excellent tool.