Mouse Right button not working in Opus 12

How can I get the mouse Right button to work in Directory Opus 12? Using a Razer Naga wired mouse under windows-10 Pro. My mouse works in every other program but not in Opus.

I'd like to copy/move files

What happens when you right-click?

If you're in Power mode, try switching to Details mode.

Aside from that, the right-mouse button should always work in Opus unless the mouse drivers, or something intercepting them, are sending something else when Opus is active.

I keep forgetting about the modes. Don't know if Im in power mode or not. Right now it seems to work: I have the option to copy/move files. But often in the middle of a project this option is not available. Then It automatically de-selects the files I've selcted and I have to use the menu.

Any help on this subject?

I'm trying to file my taxes and don't want to go into various Programming or Power Modes on Dir Opus. I just want to copy/ move files.

Mouse buttons are not working.

How to switch Modes? Apparently I'm in the wrong mode but nowhere on any screen is there an option to go into Normal Use mode or Mouse Mode so that I can use the mouse buttons.

The R-mouse button always works for other programs. I use a variety of mouses and only have this probelm with Dir opus. There should be a mode where the mouse just works.

"View" menu at the top, or right-click the background of the file display (like in File Explorer).

Possibly you are looking for the wrong thing. As far as I know there is no such thing as Normal mode vs. Power mode. If you are in Power mode, you maybe want to switch to Details mode.