Mouse wheel behavior in image viewer (reverse order?)


I have set the wheel to "advance to next image". But scroll up goes to previous, scroll down to next. Isn't this counter-intuitive? I would prefer scroll up goes to next, scroll down goes to previous, as this is how other image viewers behave!

I couldn't find an alternative "advance to next image (reversed order)" setting.

I thought of configuring my mouse software to remap the wheel in reverse for the viewer only, but the image viewer process is tied to dopus.exe instead of using its own dedicated process, so it would affect regular lister scrolling in dopus...

Scrolling down goes to the next item and up to the previous item. That’s how it works almost everywhere.

I don’t think there is (currently, at least) a built-in way to reverse it. AutoHotkey could probably do it, and would be able to make it conditional on viewer windows so it doesn't affect other things.

Thank you for suggestion, I'm not very familiar with AHK but how could you make it conditional on viewer windows if it uses the same dopus.exe process?

Here's an example AHK script that was for changing what the cursor keys did (before they were configurable):

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