Move all files from sub folder #3 to subfolder #1

Following situation:

Files in folder3 have been renamed adding folder1-name to the file name.
Folder 2 and Folder 3 are in fact empty.
I'd like to have the files move to Folder1
Going into each individual Folder 3 and move them from there is quite a workload (many folders)

Is there an easy way to, let's say, go into 'Files only" view and, one way or the other, move them all to Folder1 in one go?


A few ways you could do this, but maybe the easiest would be to use Tools > Find Files > Advanced to make a list of all the files you want to move, then drag them to the folder.

The bottom of How to filter items by location or sub-folder has info on how to find things below a certain depth.

Thanks for the quick reply. Before proceeding and checking out how it all works: one of the reasons for the 'reorganizing' are the path lengths, exceeding 260-270 or more. Some are 360. Stored email attachments.
(Path: X:\attachments\domain\sender\message title\message title [date][time].ext)

Will this all also work with long paths.

Just to make sure, this is the idea.

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Files should not be stored in all in 1 folder, i.e. Attachments and Domain (Folder1) should remain.

Thanks again.

Shouldn’t be a problem.

I sometimes rename files to ..\*.* to move them up one level and renaming them to ..\..\*.* moves them up two levels. And I sometimes combine that with other rename operations (Macros) to make rename and "bring up" on many files in one move. ..\{parent} moves a file up one level and names it like the folder, but keeping the extension. Very clever when you have single, "encrypted" filenames in a folder.