Move files by dropping onto folder button?

Hi There,
On my main toolbar, I have button/shortcuts to several of my most-used folders. Is there an Opus setting the will make those buttons "drop-on-able." E.g. drag from the lister window right on to the toolbar button?

They should work that way by default.

What command is on the buttons currently?

Thanks for the fast reply Leo. Actually I think you already solved it. I noticed that one of the folders/buttons does work as expected, so I compared it with one of the problem buttons.

In the 'Function' field, if it has
Go "C:\path"
then it works, but if it only has
then it does not. In this bottom instance, Opus just treats the "drag-onto" as though you're clicking the button. Rather, as soon as you release the mouse, the button fires.

It should have the Go command before the path. If you drag a folder to the toolbar in customize mode, that's what it will create.