Move files to favorite folders

I have serveral folders that accummulate files until I get a chance to go through them and move the files to the appropriate directories. I can create a button that shows the favorites, but cannot figure out how to combine commands with the favorites. When I try to combine commands the context menu or the button stop working.

What I logically want to do is

clipboard cut
favorites (choose from menu)
clipboard copy
go back (if I have to move to the favorite folder selected)

I know there are utilities that do this but if DOPUS would work there would be less keystrokes involved.

Well, it seems like invoking the Favorites (list/menu) takes some sort of precedence over any other commands you might add to the button.

Unless someone knows a way to still be able to run additional commands AFTER selecting something from a Favorites list/menu, an 'option' could be to not 'directly' use the favorites. But rather, create a 'menu' button on the toolbar that lists out a series of buttons you can create by dragging your 'favorite' folders to it... You can then edit each folder button and simply replace the Go statement with a Copy MOVE TO statement instead.

Disadvantage: If you constantly change your favorites, you'll have to keep adding new favs to the toolbar manually and editing the command which sort of sucks... but it's an option, and the 'menu' that would show your folder buttons would look the same as the 'Favorites' list when run from a toolbar button.

The "Image Move" toolbar mentioned in my tutorial is an example of what Steje is talking about.

( right at the bottom of the page )

It's also worth noting that if you have a button which goes to a directory then you can also drop files on that button to copy/move them there.

(I'd advise changing the All Files & Folders filetype so that drag & drop always moves files and never copies them. It makes things like this more useful and consistent.)

The ability to drop files on Go-buttons includes buttons which explicitly run something like "Go PATH C:\blah" as well as Favourites lists and Drive Buttons.

The only caveat is that you can't seem to drop files into a submenu. As soon as the submenu appears the drop is cancelled. (I'm reporting that as a bug). You can work around this by creating a toolbar which lists your favourites directly (i.e. not in a submenu) and then creating a button or hotkey which toggles the toolbar on and off as you need it. (This is covered in my tutorial.)

Of course, you'll still only be able to drop files on the top level of the favourites list until the submenu bug is fixed.

Thanks for your input. I've made a toolbar based on image move that has a button that runs the favorite command, along with buttons for adding and editing favorites. This gives me a dynamic toolbar for dragging files to.

In some ways this is better that my original plan. Thanks again!