Move folder and its contents but preserve the folder structure in the source

I've tried searching this online, but I haven't come across the right button code.

Sorry of the length, but I really need to type it because it's seemingly simple in my imagination - but difficult to articulate...

I have a 'Source' folder named "OBS Recordings" that exists at this path:

  • A:\Gaming\GTA V\OBS Recordings\

Naturally within my source folder, I have multiple subfolders and files that should be moved:

  • ex. OBS Recordings\Saturday\video.mp4
  • ex. OBS Recordings\Sunday\Team Game\video.mp4
  • etc.

I want to move the folder and its contents to a new 'Target' location:

  • E:\GTA V Backups\

So cutting and pasting the "OBS Recordings" folder would accomplish what I want within the 'Target' folder:

  • E:\GTA V Backups\OBS Recordings

However the problem is in the 'Source' folder.
In normal move behavior, the "OBS Recordings" folder and all its sub-content is deleted.
Instead, I'd like only the files to be deleted - while preserving the folder+subfolder structure.

Does that make sense?
Can I create a button to accomplish this?


  1. Copy over the selected folder(s) content to predefined target location.
  2. Delete all files within the selected source folder(s) using delete filter.

Create an Advanced selection (delete) filter...

Name      Match      *      (Use wildcards)

Name it, save it.

Then in a button or hotkey.

@disableifpath:!A:\Gaming\GTA V\
Copy TO "E:\GTA V Backups\"
Delete FILTER "name_of_filter_saved_above"

If you would like to suppress the delete confirmation dialog.

Delete FILTER "name_of_filter_saved_above" QUIET

Best to test this on a copy of your data and not original until you're comfortable with the results.

Sorry I couldn't edit this into the original post...I have to perform this action on multiple locations, not just the specific locations I mentioned.

Is possible to create a custom "Paste" style button that could move the cut contents normally...but preserve the source folder structure? Something where I don't always have to edit in the locations?

Again, I apologize and appreciate your effort.

The @disable* command modifiers at the top are not required. I added them to prevent accidental execution where wasn't intended. The command should already work for any source folder(s) you have selected.

You can create multiple button/menu items to address each seprate location...

Copy TO "E:\folder1"

Copy TO "E:\folder2"

Otherwise if you want to work with the dual lister and copy the selected source folder to destination side...

Delete FILTER "name_of_filter_saved_above"

Short of a script, this is an easier solution to Copy over then delete the source files with delete filter while keeping the folder structure intact.

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Alternatively, you could turn on flat view and recreate the folder structure during the move operation. If you want to use a delete filter, I'd recommend Type rather than Name.

Just tried this and it worked perfectly in dual lister mode. Thanks so much man!

I did this kind of file moving manually yesterday and it cost me hours of time.
What a life saver!