Move the Favorites folder to top of Folder Tree


Is there a way to move the Favorites folder to the top of the Folder Tree?

As it is now — with the Favorites folder at the bottom of the tree — any amount of folder expanding causes the Favorites folder to move down off the screen. If it was at the top however, it would always be accessible.


Not currently. We may add more options to change how items are arranged in the tree in a future version.

At least for now, we recommend using the favorites menu or putting the favorites on the top-level of your toolbar, if you want quick access to them at any time. (Even at the top of the tree, then can be scrolled out of view.)

What do you mean/how do you "putting the favorites on the top-level of your toolbar,"
I, too, would like to be able to have the Favorites in the folder tree at the top and quick access below.

Quick Access didn't exist back when this 2013 thread was started. It's a feature of Windows 10, which came out in 2015.

Favorites now is at the top of the folder tree, unless Quick Access is also turned on in the tree, in which Favorites is second in the tree.

(I'm not sure how many people use both a lot of Quick Access items and Favorites at the same time? Quick Access seems to work best with just a few items, if it is used at all.)

You can move the Favorites menu to anywhere on your toolbars and menus, including the top-level of the toolbars themselves.

You can move it around via Settings > Customize Toolbars by dragging the existing menu around, or right-clicking it and using copy/cut and paste, for example.

As an example, this has drive buttons and then the favorites list added to a toolbar on the left side of the window: