"Move to new folder" Button

Some time ago I put a "Move to new folder" button on my toolbar to move highlighted files to the newly named folder. I seem to remember possible using some canned code and pasting it somewhere but don't have a clue how to do it anymore, even if I had the code. Is there an existing button like this or is it one someone home brewed?


The command was probably something like this:

Copy MOVE HERE CREATEFOLDER "{dlgstringS|Enter folder name|New Folder}"

Leo, I apologize, but I've totally forgotten what to do with that code and am also concerned that its not what I'm really looking for. Here's a screen shot showing what the results are when I click on the button I have now. It works like a charm for me so I want to create one for my brother. He's currently using the stock tool bar button, "LMB: Create a new folder" without a whole lot of success. Sometimes it works and sometimes not.

Is there a pre-existing button somewhere that does what mine currently does?

Thank you for your help!

Oh, if you already have the button you want in your config and you want to send it to someone else, just to the following:

On your computer:

[ul][li]Select Settings -> Customize Toolbars to put Opus into toolbar editing mode.[/li]
[li]Drag the button that you want to a folder, which will create a .dcf file of the button.[/li]
[li]Click OK in the Customize window to put Opus back into normal mode.[/li][/ul]

Send the .dcf file to the other computer. Then, on there:

[ul][li]Select Settings -> Customize Toolbars[/li]
[li]Drag the .dcf file to the toolbar.[/li]
[li]Click OK in the customize window.[/li][/ul]

Alternatively, if it's easier to send text than a file: While in Customize mode, right-click the button and choose Copy, which converts it into text in the clipboard. Paste that text into an email and send it to your brother. He can then put his Opus into Customize mode and paste that text on to his toolbar to re-create the button (explained here in more detail).

Jon pointed out that the manual has a good page on this:

Sharing functions with others

Thanks to both you and Jon. You all made an impossible job look pretty easy. It's my lack of constant use and/or tweaking that makes Dopus so hard to modify. But with shoulders like yours, I don't really have any fear.

It all worked as you said and his button functions just like mine.