Move to New Folder

Hi guys,


I use this command from the right click context menu for "all files and folders" to move the selected files to a new folder based on the contents of the clipboard.

First of all, Is this the correct command...?

If I have any text in my clipboard with a space at the end, the move command fails to work (see error message below).

If I remove the space from the end of the clipboard text, the command works fine :slight_smile:

Using the code below has the same behaviour.

Copy MOVE HERE CREATEFOLDER="{dlgstring|Enter Folder Name}"

Can anyone confirm this on their configuration please...?



Windows doesn't allow spaces at the end of names, so a command that turns into something like CREATEFOLDER="Test " will fail to create that folder, causing the copy to fail as the folder it wants to copy into doesn't exist.

(The error message is accurate but a bit misleading. The error occurred while moving the text file, but the path that cannot be found in this case is the destination path, not the text-file's path as the message may imply.)

Thanks for your reply Leo.

It's a shame that Opus couldn't ignore the space. Is this something worth requesting or am I wasting my time...?

Double clicking to select a word (Word, Firefox, Opus etc.) adds a space at the end of the selection if it's part of a sentence. I suppose I'll just have to be more careful what test I select in future.

Interestingly, the New Folder dialog box allows names with a space at the end, although they are removed before the folder is created. This is precisely what I need from my command :slight_smile:

Trimming the space probably makes sense, yes.

Please do send a suggestion in so it isn't forgotten.

Done. Thanks Leo.

FWIW - If this gets any action, I'd actually like the normal CreateFolder dialog to NOT strip off a trailing whitespace as I paste text from my clipboard into the dialog... there are times when I have a folder name prefix in my clipboard with a trailing space - which I intend to then append some additional text to. I can't recall if there's other places where Opus does this (confirm file replace dialogs or something maybe, I'll check)... but I'd say it would be better for Opus to perform such stripping when it goes to perform the actual action (i.e. creating the actual folder) as opposed to doing it on text entry in the dialog by pasting from clipboard.