Move... Wait... Move

Hi guys,

I want to home from work but I need to copy a load of newly rendered images from the server to my local hard drive.

The images take about 1 minute each to render and are approx. 7Mb in size. If I go home now, I will arrive in work tomorrow morning and manually move the files from the server to my hard disk. This will take ages and waste valuable working time.

Is there a way to select all files, move them to my desired folder, wait, for example 5 minutes, and then repeat the command until all the rendered have moved...?

The other issue here is that the server is slowly running out of space and if I leave them to render overnight, the server will soon be full and the rendering will stop.

Any thoughts pleaseā€¦?



Couldn't you write a simple batch file script to move the files and then use the Windows scheduler to run that script every 5 minutes or so?

Yeah good shout. I was hoping for an Opus solution but this is as good as any. Cheers John.

Ah, seems like this won't work after all. In scheduled tasks, the only options are daily, weekly, monthly etc. I need to run this every 20 minutes or so. Shame :frowning:

Any alternative suggestions anyone...?

Ignore this, I'm talking rubbish. In the advanced schedule options I can change the repeat task duration into minutes... job done :slight_smile: