Movies - Info Tip with IMDB Description/Summary

You can edit your "movies" file type group to contain "{keywords}", so it will show the text you have inserted manually in the tag editor. I don't know, how the limit is for characters, or if it would be convenient enough to read lengthy texts.

To edit the file type group, choose -> settings -> file types -> file type groups -> movies -> "edit" -> info tip (tab), then select the keywords entry from the drop down menu "insert field". This only works, of course, if the movie file type group contains .avi, & it also depends, if the file types in question can handle tags. But at least .avis do, as i have just tested.

HI abr. Thanks for the reply. I appreciate what you said, but I am aware of all the aspects of file types, etc. I guess what I am asking is if there is a way to pull info from IMDB automatically - based on movie name - and place it into the tag editor so that when I hover it doers, indeed, show the summary in the info tip. Does that make sense or am I making it too complex and/or confusing? I'm a lazy sloth / DOpus poweruser to a fault. I wanted to know if there was a way of extending the capabilities of DOpus via script, etc. to pull the info from IMDB and insert into a tag field so that hovering over the file would show the summary from IMDB. Much the same way that in Netflix, if you hover over a title it shows a brief synopsis of the movie. (I know it's not at all like Netfilx's functionality, but I'm trying to give posters an idea of what I am looking for...

Automatically? I'm afraid, no. Maybe it could be done by using scripts stuff, but that's beyond my abilities.

That is precisely what I am looking for! Now, how do I automate the pulling of data from IMDB (or other source)? Is that possible? Be it via a batch pull or just-in-time pull?
[Note: was just responding to abr when the next note came in... :slight_smile:]

Does anyone know of a way via script to do what it is that I am looking for?

Thanks again, abr. Great, quick replies. Much appreciated.

TheMovieDB Poster&Info Downloader V2.0 may be of interest.

The problem could be perhaps, that those summaries seem not to be standarized in any way. Sometime you might have a summary, sometimes none. Then again, there might be two of them (in the example i've chosen the shorter one). So the automation could turn out to be a bit tricky to implement, if possible at all.

Hi leo. Welcome to my madness... :slight_smile:

I have indeed looked into that particular post and corresponding buttons/functionality. It is a VERY good supplement (kudos to Miran) and does everything that I am wishing for except one additional step is what I would like to see. The button(s) that Miran has developed creates a new file for each of the different functions: poster/backboards/info. I would like to go one step further (I think that's what would be needed) and to take the "info" file that is created and place it as a tag in the movies' filetypes so that I can see the movie info by simply hovering over the file and seeing the tag for movie summary.

I apologize if I am asking for the world, being stubborn and/or not being as clear as I should. I am simply dreaming and trying to get an easy answer to what may be an impossible extension to DOpus' functionality.

Thanks to all for your help and input and thanks, leo, for your speedy reply.

I agree, abr. I believe I am chasing a dream... :slight_smile: Thanks for putting me straight and making me self-aware enough to know that I'm dreaming my lazy bones off. :slight_smile: Thanks, abr.

By the way, abr, not sure if you are a football fan, but in case you are, congrats on your team's win today. I'm rooting for Germany to make it into finals. Fingers crossed!

Well, i'm not soo much into football, but thanks. I think, i will watch the final games, though. & by the way, that tool taht Leo has linked, looks quite promising. I guess, i was wrong, & it can be done indeed, using a different data base, not that summary links from the imdb pages. Maybe i'll give that button a try myself?

I'd offer my help but I can't say I'm an expert on coding/scripts. If you can try to work on it, I'd be glad to test, etc. :slight_smile:

It's good abr. I updated my large movie collection in seconds. You'll be impressed.

Blueroly, it fetches me some files so far, but i can't preview the NFOs in Opus' preview window. I had a couple of freezes, or all i get is "■T" displayed.
If i open the NFO with the text editor, it reveals that there is some text included. Don't know, if this is an issue with the viewer plugin.

[quote="abr"]Blueroly, it fetches me some files so far, but i can't preview the NFOs in Opus' preview window. I had a couple of freezes, or all i get is "■T" displayed.
If i open the NFO with the text editor, it reveals that there is some text included. Don't know, if this is an issue with the viewer plugin.[/quote]
It works for me, not sure how though. nfo files are text files, maybe the .nfo filetype needs adding to the text viewer plugin in preferences. I'm not at home now so I can't check, I'll check later.

This would be possible now (with 11.5.1), if someone wants to try adapting the TheMovieDB script to add an infotip-only custom column :slight_smile:

If you are not afraid of early development alpha versions.
Try this

How exactly can the info tip be displayed? I can't find no appropriate column to include in the info tips.

If you have installed and activated the .OSP File correctly, you can find the new custom TMDB Columns under "Script" in the Columns Selection Menu or the "Insert Field" Menu of the Info Tooltip Editor.

Be aware, that the custom columns only work with the latest Opus Beta (11.5.1b).
I have tested it only with the 64bit universal/english Version.

Miran, thx, got it now. I completely ovelooked the new "script" menu, because i've expected it under "film". It works great, although for AVIs (most of them) only.

Don't know, if this is the right place to mention, but if i edit my "AVI" file type, to also include the name & length, it works, but all settings are gone when i re-open the "info tip" menu. The whole page is blank, although name, length & abstract should be still present. That seems a bit strange.